Hi there 👋 I'm Zaid Dabus, a marketing strategy consultant & advertising freelancer based out of Tampa Bay.


Hi there 👋 I'm Zaid Dabus, a marketing strategy consultant & advertising freelancer based out of Tampa Bay.

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Marketing Strategy

You're in business to provide goods and services, I'm in business to provide solutions. Empower your channels, analyze customer isights, gather competitive intelligence and take your organization to the next level. I have experience planning and launching marketing strategies for massive and grassroots initiatives in the nonprofit, tech, SaaS, E-commerce and health/fitness industry.

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Automation & Lead Generation

Though it's not the easiest marketing initiative to execute on, marketing automation is certainly one of the most powerful tools a marketer can have. My unique expertise relies on establishing high-converting lead generation funnels, that immediately grab the high intent buyers, and never lets a low intent lead go.

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Branding & Creative

Brand activation, art direction, creative positioning. You have a vision - I help you bring it to life in the digital world. From logos and graphic design to brand positioning and execution. I've worked on complex brands and established formidable positioning. Whether you need branding for your business, or yourself, I'm your guy.


Website Design

So you need a website for your company, organization or store, fast, I got your back on this. I specialize in modern, functional and mobile optimized web design and give you the tools to succeed once your site is built. 

Search Engine Optimization

Relevant and up-to-date SEO practices to boost your rankings and increase domain authority. All with transparent reporting, so you're always in the know.

Social Media Management

I optimize and maximize your efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I focus on increasing engagement, while also establishing systems and content calenders, so you can have smarter social.

2018 has been a busy year so far:


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